Security and Assurance for AWS Fargate Containers- A How-To Session

Containers as a service, like AWS Fargate, have proven to be a valuable mechanism for DevOps teams to build and deploy complex applications at scale. By removing the need for infrastructure management and security, customers can also reduce development costs using AWS Fargate with Amazon EKS.

However, customers are still responsible for runtime security, and ensuring that the code and applications that run on the containers are secured.

In this webinar, we will cover how customers can more easily automate and take advantage of AWS Fargate services to speed the delivery cycle, while still ensuring that security teams could enforce risk mitigation controls that would not disrupt the application’s availability, including.

-Integrating security and assurance into the Fargate container build process -Automating assurance policies that prevent non-compliant and unregistered images running -Monitoring processes that Fargate containers run, assessing them against policies, and enforcing networking segmentation to prevent container breakouts -Blocking unauthorized activities and zero day attacks without stopping all container processes